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ReCath – environmentally-friendly, multiple-use urinary drainage catheter.

Gothenburg, April 14, 2015

IMG_20150414_150528webReCath is a catheter for multiple use, made in an environmentally friendly, PVC-free material that can be used by both children and adults for emptying the bladder. ReCath consists of a specially designed storage box, vintage catheter and Cathgel, hygienically packed engångsglidgel that ensures that glidgelen ports where it does the most good. Compared with the catheters on the market today contributes ReCath to 87 percent less plastic consumption. At the same time lowering purchasing costs significantly for including counties and municipalities. The project can now complete the clinical study and intensify marketing efforts. Behind the project is Cimatex AB.

Kick newspaper

Liten-KickStockholm June 17, 2015

In the edition 2 – 2015 of the magazine, KICK, the RG Active Rehabilitation Association gave a positive review of ReCath.

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