CIC – Clean Intermittent Catheterization
Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC) is widely used to enable people who have difficulty emptying their bladders to do so safely and comfortably on a regular basis without help. This is normally done 5-7 times per day. The catheter can be used either temporarily (while an underlying problem is treated) or permanently (throughout life). CIC makes it possible to regain bladder control even if normal urination is not possible. A thin flexible catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder. The bladder is drained of urine and the catheter is slowly pulled out.

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ReCath BildReCath is a multiple-use urinary catheter for self-catheterization. It is suitable for men, women and children. ReCath consists of a urinary drainage catheter and a storage case, and is intended for use for a set period. After that period, it is replaced by a new ReCath. Our urinary drainage catheter has been method-tested in university hospitals and function-tested by users.

  • The user has more freedom and a more flexible lifestyle.
  • Replaces disposable catheters completely.
  • Discreet and practical.
  • Stored and protected in a practical storage case.
  • The catheter and case are recyclable.
  • Positive environmental impact with up to 90 percent reduction in materials and energy used in the manufacturing stage.
  • Reduces costs by about a quarter compared to the use of disposable catheters.


Cathgel BildCathgel is a lubricating gel for use with the ReCath to ensure easy insertion in the urethra. Cathgel can also be used with disposable catheters in hospitals to drain the bladder before an operation or whenever necessary.

  • Applied directly into the urethra to allow gentle insertion of the urinary catheter.
  • Minimize damage and discomfort in the urethra, avoiding the need for subsequent treatment and the use of antibiotics.
  • Can be used with other existing urinary drainage catheters, both by users  and in healthcare.
  • The use of Cathgel helps reduce the cost of treatment and the global increase in the use of antibiotics
  • Water-based and non-drying.
  • Free of cyclic silicones and parabens.
  • Tube and packaging are recyclable.

Content Cathgel

Tube 5 ml/0.17 fl.oz
Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Lactic Acid



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